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                   Ȉ  ➞䉝⼆ႛ䶻ഔ   Ȉ  ⩔ল⼆ႛ䶻ഔ   Ȉ  ౥⤸̓Ⴜ჎⼆ႛ䶻ഔ   Ȉ  ឵ᱤ̓ጚ⽀䶻ഔ

              #PPL           6OJU                  6OJU                 6OJU                  6OJU

                           Our senses             Animals            Day and Night         Water and Air
                           ᝆС⮹ᙔ㻾                    ߝ➞                ⮲๞ু๑ᮏ                  Ⅹু⾯ⅉ

                             Sound                 Plants         Floating and Sinking    Making a Boat
                              ล䴨                    Ṃ➞                  ⊣ু↾                 ݫґ̵ट㝮

                                                                                           Weather and
                           Life Cycles          Healthy Life       Light and Shadows
                 "                                                                           Seasons
                            ⩔লঝ᱔                  ֚Ꮼ⩔≰                 پুᒦႅ

                                                Objects and                              Making a Paddle
                        What Animals Do                           Making Things Move
                 #                                Materials                                    Boat
                           ߝ➞⮹㶁ͯ                                     䃞➞҈ߝ䊬Ლ
                                                 ➞҈ুᲅᫎ                                      ݫґᭃ䒣㝮
                           You and Me          Small Animals           Magnets            Soil and Rocks
                             ҕুᝆ                   ᅄߝ➞                   ⷶ䧶                 ౔นুᇞ⴨

                                                                                             Making a
                          Measurement             Habitats             Electricity
                 #                                                                          Lighthouse
                              ⊀䜄                   ᵋᖤ౥                    ⩪
                                                                                         Solid, Liquid and
                        My Amazing Body       Light and Mirrors      Keeping Warm
                 "                                                                             Gas
                           ⺓๼⮹䏠҈                  پু䪑ႅ                   Ԓᯋ
                            Digestion           New Plants            Water Cycle        Making a Shelter
                              ⊽ࡋ                  ᫥⮹Ṃ➞                  Ⅹᓟ⣤                 ݫґ䖣㩲ู

                                                                                         Earth, Moon and
                             Seeds                 Sound               Microbes
                 "                                                                             Sun
                              ⼂ႅ                    ล䴨                  ᓣ⩔➞
                             Forces            Varieties of Life        Energy           Making a Catapult
                               ߐ              ह⼂हᵬ⮹⩔ল                    㘲䜄                 ݫґ័⴨ᱯ

                          New Animals          Power Stations       Animals and Us         Planet Earth
                            ᫥⮹ߝ➞                   आ⩪『                ߝ➞ুᝆС                  㶁᭔౥⤸
                                                                     Dissolving and
                         Using Electricity     Living Together                          Making Fresh Water
                 #                                                    Separating
                             Ҵ⩝⩪                 ⩔≰ౝ̵䊬                                       ݫ฼⌖Ⅹ

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