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Words of Fire: Poems by Jidi Majia (Chinese-English Edition)



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Product Description

•The poems center around ethnic elements, ranging from stories of the Yi people and their motherland to humanity. Jidi Majia also embraces social issues in present-day China and the rest of the world. The book is a wellspring of artful imagination and humane spirit.

• Selected poems by Jidi Majia, an eminent poet of the Yi ethnic group, with English rendering from poet and sinologist Denis Mair.

• Using poems as the carrier of his reflections on the Yi ethnic group and presenting to the world a tapestry of history, culture, tradition and destiny.

About the Author
Jidi Majia, an eminent poet and writer of the Yi ethnic group, former member of the Secretariat of Chinese Writers Association, lieutenant- governor of Qinghai Province, currently member of the Provincial Government Standing Committee and head of the Department of Publicity, concurrently serving as President of China Minority Literary Association and permanent Vice-President of China Poetry Association. He has won many important literary prizes, both in China and abroad. Books of his poetry have been published in more than 10 languages.