About Us

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) was founded by Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in 1979. With its focus on foreign language and educational publishing, FLTRP has since developed into a leading comprehensive cultural and educational publishing organization in China and won worldwide reputation through extensive international cooperation. For the past four decades and more, FLTRP has always been committed to the mission of “recording human civilization and bridging world cultures”. Backed by the academic strengths of BFSU, FLTRP is now capable of publishing a variety of books and journals in more than 80 languages. In the meantime, FLTRP has been actively engaged in the transformation of educational services and digital innovation. It has also expanded its global business, and promoted cultural exchange between China and foreign countries through publishing. Thanks to its achievements, FLTRP is hailed as an “industry leader”, the “epitome of the reform and development of publishing in China”, and a model for China’s publishing to “Go Global”.

FLTRP’s educational publishing ranges from preschool, basic, to vocational, higher and professional levels. Its high-quality teaching materials and academic works serve tens of millions of learners. FLTRP also offers training for tens of thousands of foreign language teachers every year. 

In terms of international cooperation, FLTRP has established publishing entities with local partners in 11 countries and set up a Confucius Institute jointly with Oxford Brookes University in the UK. FLTRP is also the inaugural member and serves as the secretariat of China and Central and Eastern European Countries (China-CEEC) Publishing Association. In 2017, FLTRP won the “Special Contribution Award of China Book International Project” organized by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. FLTRP is proud to have become a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and foreign countries.

Keeping pace with the digital revolution in education, FLTRP has developed online platforms which respectively serve college, school, extracurricular, and adult-diploma students. FLTRP+Internet is shaping up rapidly with the development of artificial intelligence and online-merge-offline.

In recent years, a new coordinated publishing ecosystem is taking shape at FLTRP, where greater efforts are put into research on foreign language education, textbook development, testing and assessment, and English reading.

In the new era of major changes in the world, FLTRP looks forward to cooperating even more closely with its partners, to better serving learners and readers, and to achieving continuous success.