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The Trader Fox (English Edition)


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Product Description

The Trader Fox is a collection of short stories by Shen Shixi, constituted by Shen's seven pieces of works: Dandelion the Tigress CubTricked by Foxes, Not Once but TwiceThe Trader FoxThe Guilty HorseAvalancheCaught in an Elephant TrapJust a Stray. His works portray different animal images distinctively: a tiger who came up to pay a debt of raising gratitude; a father fox who devoted his life to doing his child good; a horse who got guilty for hurting his master by mistake; a doe who touched the hunter by her maternal love and made him forsake hunting henceforth…These animals have feelings, know love and have a sense of responsibility as well as the spirit of brave shouldering. Reading their stories can be really touching.

About the Author
Shen Shixi, the celebrated writer of children' s literature, is good at writing animal novels. He is known as “the king of Chinese animal fiction writing”. Three times winner of National Prize of Excellent Children' s Literature of Chinese Writers' Association. Many times winner of China Book Award. His major work include The Dream of Wolf King and The Seventh Hunting Dog, etc. Scar the Jackal Queen won the 13th China Book Award.