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Scarface the Mother Jackal (English Edition)


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In order to avenge the dead hound, hunter Qiangba succeeded in catching the whole lot of young jackals in one action. This would serve as a lure to wipe out all the jackals. For the sake of preserving the young generation of their group species, the killer jackal, Broken-Brush generously offered to be killed so as to quell the rage of the hunter. However, hunter Qiangba still wouldn't set the young jackals free until his life was saved by the jackal group. But this didn't end the fierce conflict between the jackals and the human hunters. Hunted by the herdsmen the jackals were forced to flee to the far end of the earth. Then, without the jackals as their natural enemy, the Red Snowshoe hares prevailed over the pastureland where the green grass could no longer grow, and in consequence the pasture animal husbandry encountered grave ecological crisis. As a last resort, Qiangba had to set out to look for the Jackals groups, in the hope of inviting them back to the grassland.

About the Author
Shen Shixi, the celebrated writer of children' s literature, is good at writing animal novels. He is known as “the king of Chinese animal fiction writing”. Three times winner of National Prize of Excellent Children' s Literature of Chinese Writers' Association. Many times winner of China Book Award. His major work include The Dream of Wolf King and The Seventh Hunting Dog,etc. Scar the Jackal Queen won the 13th China Book Award.