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Insights into Chinese Culture (3rd Edition)



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Product Description

This book is an appropriate textbook for introducing Chinese culture to both native and non-native students. Writing in a language easy for beginners to read. It has A wide coverage of topics, including geography, history, Chinese names, academic thoughts, religions, political and educational systems, classical literature, arts, customs and cultural exchanges, etc.

About the Author
CHENG Yuzhen graduated from the School of Chinese language and culture, Peking University. As one of the first teachers who was trained by the country to teach Chinese as a foreign language, he taught at Lao-China Friends School, Laos, and Istituto Universitario Orientale di NAPOLI, Naples, Italy. Before retirement, he was a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University and lectured on the Chinese language and culture. He served as the head of the School of Chinese Language and Literature as well as the School of International Communications. In addition, he served as the director of the International Institute of Chinese Studies and the International Chinese Teaching Information Center—he has also held myriad other social and academic positions. He wrote Dictionary of Chinese Historical Relics, Overview on Chinese Antithetical Couplets in Scenic Spots, and been the chief editor of Overview on Chinese Academics, History of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language after the Founding of PRC, etc.