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Chinese Characters (English Edition)



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Product Description

Chinese character is an important part and the carrier of Chinese culture; It is also one of the difficulties in teaching Chinese as a second language. For anyone who is learning or teaching Chinese characters, for anyone who is interested in the Chinese culture and Chinese characters, this book can help you:

• Explore the origin and evolution of Chinese characters briefly;

• Comprehend the six logographic principles of Chinese systematically;

• Analyze the components and constructions of characters with tree graphs;

• Understand the strokes and writing order of Chinese characters through vivid pictures.


About the Author
Feng Zhiwei is a computational linguist, currently a senior research fellow, PhD supervisor and member of the Academic Committee at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Education (MOE). He is also a distinguished professor at Hangzhou Normal University. He specializes in the interdisciplinary studies between linguistics and computer science and has published a lot of outstanding works in these fields, including Schools of Modern Linguistics and Modern Chinese Characters and Computers.Zhan Hongwei is a professor at Hangzhou Normal University and council member of China Association of Language & Education. He mainly specializes in cognitive linguistics and applied linguistics and has published many articles in journals at home and abroad, including Foreign Languages, Journal of English Linguistics and Review of Cognitive Linguistics.