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Thus Spoke Laozi



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Product Description

Dao De Jing is not only a book of ideas but a work of literary art. It has probably been translated into the English language more often than any other piece of world literature. This new translation of Dao De Jing is for all readers who wish to take a fresh look at what the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi has to say and how he says it. • This book’s strategy is to retain as much as possible the original literariness so that the readers can hear, as it were, through the translation, what Laozi sounds like as if they were reading him in Chinese. • ThetextexceptedfromDaoDeJinginthisbook is printed in both simpli ed Chinese characters and traditional characters accompanied with their phonetic spelling known as pinyin. So it can not only help readers learn both Chinese and English languages but also enable them to understand the evolution of Chinese characters.

About the Author
Dr. Charles Q. Wu, Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Humanities at Reed College, USA. He taught Chinese language, literature and civilization at Reed College from 1987 to 2002. This new book draws its strength from his excellent bilingual skills and cross-cultural perspective. It provides a new tool for English- speaking readers interested in classical Chinese culture.