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Confucius' Wisdom—Learn to Be A World Class Leader (English Edition)



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Product Description

Interpreting the leadership principles contained in the Analects of Confucius from the perspective of modern people. Combining the critical thinking skills promoted in the Analects of Confucius with modern leadership. Elaborating on the essential qualities for an entrepreneur, including professional attitudes, leadership and skills in operation and management.

About the Author
Casper Shih, Doctor of Technical Science in Tokyo University, is the president of Global Chinese Competitiveness Fund. More than 4,000 medium-and-small-sized enterprises in Taiwan achieved successful transformation under his guide. Key projects in his charge include “Production Automation Plan”, “Improving Productivity in an All-round Way Movement”, “Improving Products Quality Project”, “Plan for Technology Introduction of Medium-and- Small-sized Enterprises”, etc. As one of key figures who promoted Taiwan to one of Four Asian Tigers, he is honored as the founding father of Taiwan’s automation.