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Strings of Life (Chinese-English Edition)



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Product Description

The China Stories series is a collection of short stories and novellas that are meant for a pleasant reading experience, an experience that is made all the more delightful by our elaborately produced bilingual texts and beautiful illustrations. Whether the story-teller or the listener comes from China or elsewhere, we believe that you can derive your own impression of China from these stories, and feel closer to it whether it was familiar or strange to you before you lay your hands on the China Stories series.

About the Author
Shi Tiesheng(1951-2010) was born in Beijing and released his first work in 1979. His famous works include short stories like My Remote Qingpingwan, Strings of Life, essays such as The Temple of Earth and I and novels like Notes on Principles, and My Ding Yi Trip. Published works include Memory and Image, Fragments Written at the Hiatuses of Sickness, Asking Directions on Wheelchair, and Comments on Movies, which are collected prose, essays, movie reviews respectively.