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Intercultural Communication



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Intercultural Communication aims to improve the intercultural competence of international Chinese language teachers. The contents include values, language communication, nonverbal communication, cross-cultural adaptation, cross-cultural interpersonal communication, intercultural communication psychology and attitudes, intercultural communication in the field of education, culture teaching methods in second language teaching and other aspects. The main feature of this book is linking theory with practice. Besides, describing the basic concepts and core theories of intercultural communication, it analyzes many real cases of Chinese teachers' intercultural communication. Besides, each chapter provides suggestions for Chinese language teachers, topics for discussion, communicative activities and tasks, extended reading lists, reflecting the features of linking theory with practice as well as focusing on the cultivation of learners' comprehensive ability.

About the Author
Zu Xiaomei, professor in the Chinese Language and Literature School in Nankai University, specializes in intercultural communication, language and culture teaching, and Chinese acquisition as a foreign language. She taught Chinese in the University of Louisville, Confucius Institutes in the University of South Florida and Sand Kyungnam University in South Korea.