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Chinese Culture and Communication



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On the basis of illustrating the general feature of Chinese culture, Chinese Culture and Communication introduces some key elements of Chinese culture, for example, history, philosophy, religion, literature, arts, lifestyles and customs, etc., expecting to help readers understand the basic framework of Chinese culture. Two chapters “Overseas communication of Chinese culture in history ” and “Chinese culture communication in teaching Chinese as a foreign language ” are dedicated to highlight the feature of Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language major, help students to broaden horizon, cultivate students' sense of mission, and serve as guidance for students' teaching practice.

About the Author
Dr. Zhao Changzheng, associate professor of TCSOL School in Peking University, specializes in Chinese culture and cultural issues in TCSOL. Liu Lixin, associate Professor of TCSOL School in Peking University, specializes in TCSOL textbook compilation and multi-media teaching. She used to be a visiting scholar of Ghent University, University of Oxford, and Stanford University.