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Case Studies on Teaching Chinese Overseas



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The cases in Case Studies on Teaching Chinese Overseas involves a wide range of factors, such as Chinese language teaching and language skills teaching, Chinese teaching methods, teaching management of Chinese language, Chinese teaching resources, spread of the Chinese culture, cross-cultural communication and other aspects. Teaching cases cover the area of 16 countries and regions, such as the Unites States, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar and China.

About the Author
Dr. Ye Jun, Ph. D supervisor and professor in the TCSOL School in East China Normal University, and member of the Education Committee of MTCSOL, specializes in TCSOL, linguistics and applied linguistics. He has taught in Cornell University, University of Virginia and Wellesley College. He has won First Prize for Teaching Achievements at the provincial level, Second and Third Prize for Research Achievements and has been selected to take part in the New Century Talents Support Plan of Ministry of Education and Shanghai Pujiang Talents Plan.