A Short History of Chinese Philosophy (English-Chinese Edition)



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A Short History of Chinese Philosophy, written by Feng Youlan from 1946 to 1947 when he was invited to lecture at the University of Pennsylvania, was his notes for the course of history of Chinese philosophy; it was first published by Macmillan Publishers Ltd in the United States in 1948. With over 200,000 words, this book introduces the history of Chinese philosophy of thousands of years in a simple and explicit way. It is not only a textbook for the course of Chinese philosophy in many foreign universities, but also an introductory book for Westerners to get to know Chinese thoughts and culture. This book is an English-Chinese edition, with the Chinese version translated by Zhao Fusan.

About the Author
Feng Youlan (1895-1990), courtesy name Zhisheng, was a philosopher and historian of philosophy from Tanghe, Henan Province. He used to study in Peking University and Columbia University, where he received his Doctor’s degree. Since 1928, he had been Professor and Dean of the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University, Dean of College of Literature, and President of School Council. During the anti-Japanese War, he was Dean of Department of Philosophy and College of Literature at Southwest Associated University. In 1952, he was nominated as Professor of the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, and also a member of the Philosophy and Social Sciences Academician Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences.