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HSK Test Syllabus•Vocabulary Handbook (Level 6)
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Product Description

This book is the fourth volume of HSK Syllabus•Vocabulary Handbooks. Each entry of this book mainly consists of four parts: 1. Vocabulary display, which involves pinyin and part of speech; 2. Common collocations, which provides several commonly used practical collocations; 3. Example sentences, most of the sentences are extracted from real HSK tests. 4. Right and wrong usage, mistaken usage of the past candidates is selected and shown to the candidates so that they can have a more in-depth understanding of the word.

About the Author
Jiang Liping, chief editor of HSK Vocabulary Handbooks, is a professor of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, BLCU. Yu Tianyu,Qiang Xingna, the authors of this book, are the first-line Chinese teachers of BLCU.