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What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower (Korean Edition) 3B
好一朵茉莉花 韩语版(3B)(外研社汉语分级读物——中文天天读)



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Product Description

Reading China is designed for Chinese learners at different levels. They can be used both as extracurricular reading material and as graded Chinese reading textbooks. There are three versions: Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese and Chinese-Korean. The whole set is divided into five levels with each level subdivided into volume A and B. The texts are written to suit the readers' language levels, providing suitable challenges while remaining understandable. Though short, they are pragmatic and cover a large range of interesting topics written in diverse styles. Each book has a CD so that readers can appreciate genuine Chinese both by reading and listening and improve their proficiency effectively. Readers could learn a text by reading, analyzing and doing exercises. The Lead-in aims to provoke reflection; the Side notes, Illustrations, Language Points and Cultural Tips can remove understanding obstacles for learners while the Exercises deepen their understanding of the essays. In short, we are committed to providing a relaxing, interesting and efficient way to learn Chinese.

Reading China (Korean Edition) What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower (3B) is the 2nd volume of the 3rd level of Reading China book series. The stories chosen are simple and humorous, through which international students would know about Chinese culture, history and customs. Contents of this book include: guided reading, texts, thinking, language tips, practices and knowledge tips. The guided reading is aimed to generate students’ desires and interests to learn. The text is the key part, telling interesting things heard and happened around to show cultural differences and comparison. Thinking helps students understand reading massages. Language tips help review and consolidate the new contents learned through a practical and scientific way. Forms to practice included in this book are various to provide more accurate ways for students to evaluate the result of reading. And knowledge tips are interesting and contain all kinds of things about China.


1 最好的教育 The Best Education 

2 北京的四合院 Beijing's Siheyuan

3 好一朵茉莉花 What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower

4 倒茶的礼貌 Etiquette in Serving Tea

5 铁杵磨成针 An Iron Pestle Can Be Ground into a Needle 

6 请为夸奖道歉 Please Apologize for Making Compliments

7 王子赛马 The Horse Racing of the Princes 

8 香港的大排档 Sidewalk Snack Booths in Hong Kong

9 一美元的汽车 The One Dollar Car

10 大导演,小故事 Great Director, Petty Stories 

11 中国“狗”和西方“狗” Chinese and Western 'Dogs'

12 男人下厨好处多 Cooking Is Good for Men

13 年画 New Year Pictures

14 给妈妈的一封信 A Letter to Mum

15 说说三里屯 About Sanlitun

16 十二生肖为什么没有猫? Why Is the Cat Not Among the Twelve Animals of Chinese Birth Year?

17 难忘的愚人节 An Unforgettable April Fool’s Day

18 电脑公司的清洁工 A Cleaner at a Computer Company

19 这山望着那山高 The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 

20 送东西 Give out Relief

21 勇敢地说“不” Dare to Say ‘No’

22 第一笔工资 My First Salary

23 中国人最喜欢的运动 The Favorite Sport of the Chinese 

24 “三大件”的变化 The Changes of ‘Three Important Items’ 

25 下围棋的故事 A Story of Playing Go

练习答案 Answer Keys 

About the Author
Writers of this book are professors of TCSL Department in Beijing Foreign Studies University. They have abundant experience in writing books and with their quick thinking, they are really creative in content design.