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Bridging West and East (French)



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Bridging  West and East, produced by Confucius Institute Headquarters, is the first  cultural documentary describing the language and cultural exchange between  the West and the East as well as the overseastransmission of Chinese language  and culture. It took two years to finish this documentary, with staff members  going to over 50 countries and regions in five continents and interviewing  over 200 international well-known university presidents, famous experts and  scholars as well as Chinese and foreign deans, teachers and volunteers of  Confucius Institutes. Bridging West and East depicts the comprehensive  history of Chinese language and culture going global since modern times and  focuses on the leap-frog development of Confucius Institute starting from scratch  in just over one decade. By language and cultural exchange, Confucius  Institute builds a “heart bridge” for the inter-connectivity of Chinese and  world people, playing a unique role in the enhancement of Chinese cultural  influence and the developmentof world diversified civilizations.

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