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Bridging West and East (DVD Edition)


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The documentary Bridging West and East dipicts the history of Sino-west communication on languages and cultures and the spreading history of Chinese culture. The documentary is divided into six parts, called “Power of Language”, “Destiny of Culture ”, “Footsteps of Spring”, “Great Form Has No Shape”, “Difference of Beauty”, “Call from the Future ”, with 50 minutes each. Following the development trend of human civilization in modern times, the documentary focuses on the development of the Confucius Institute by reviewing the establishment process of some language and culture popularization organizations in Western countries like the British Council, Alliance Francaise, German Goethe Institute and Cervantes Institute, and shows the internal relations between language, culture and the prosperity or decline of nations. The documentary comprehensively depicts the “going global” history of Chinese language and culture. In 10 years, the Confucius Institute has experienced the growth from scratches and from small to large in such a short time, hundreds of people, Chinese and foreign, have been working on it. Chinese spreading and cultural exchanges have been influencing the peoples both in and out of our country and changing their way of thinking and living, leading a new era of communications among the peoples. The documentary shows the specific function the Confucius Institute performs in promoting the development of the colorful world civilization through teaching language and communicate with well-built culture bonds.


The Power of Language 

The Destiny of Culture

The Step of Spring

The Grand Vista Is Invisible

Different yet Beautiful

The Call of the Future

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