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DAO JI JING: DAO DE JING in the Perspective of a Western Artist



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Product Description

DAOJIJING: DAODEJING in the Perspective of a Western Artist was translated and drawn by Bernhard Gwiggner, an Austrian artist. With portrait sketches and German translation, Bernhard explains Laozi’s Daodejing in his original way. Differences between Chinese and foreign culture are showed by the characteristics of these portraits in his vivid drawings. It is interesting to witness what happens when ancient Chinese culture collides with a foreign culture.

About the Author
Bernhard Gwiggner, an Austrian artist and a fan of Chinese culture, holds an original interpretation of Confucianism and Daoism. He transcribed the Mandarin edition of Analects and added illustrations. Bernhard's Analects received wide attention when exhibited at the Confucius International Conference in Vienna.