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Glimpses of Chinese Culture



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Glimpses of Chinese Culture tells 200 stories of historical figures covering 25 subjects such as history, philosophy, religion, politics, economics, literature, art, technology and so on. It selects attractive and splendid parts of Chinese culture and explains them using simple language. The beauty of the language and fresh style of the book make it easy for readers who even know nothing about Chinese culture before reading to “walk through” the five thousand years Chinese culture has gone through, thus to understand the modern China by the reading of its history. For international friends, this is a shortcut to know about Chinese culture easily. And the words used in this book are simple and fluent, making it a good choice for college and high school students to improve their English and translation skills.


1.Beginnings of Chinese Culture

2.Confucius:The First Private Teacher in Chinese History

3.Lao Zi:The Founder of Taoism

4.The Warring States Period:The Contention of a Hundred Schools

5.Ancient Historians:Uninterrupted Recording of Chinese History

6.Dong Zhongshu and Wang Chong:Two Contradictory Great Philosophers of the Han Dynasties

7.The Coming of Buddhism to China

8.Pure Talk and Mysterious Learning

9.Chan(Zen)Buddhism and Huineng the Sixth Patriarch

10.Tang Poetry and Major Tang Poets

11.Tang Prose and Fiction:The Literary Reform

12.Wang Anshi,Sima Guang and Su shi:Three Great Figures of the Northern Song Dynasty

13.Zhu Xi:The Synthesizer of the Philosophy of Principle

14.Ci-Poems in Irregular Meter

15.The Four Great Inventions

16.Yuan Drama:One of the Three Peaks in the History of Drama in the World

17.The Rebuilding of Beijing and Zheng He's Voyages

18.Ming Novels and Its Three Masterpieces

19.The Rise of Southern Drama and Great Advance of Short Fictions in the Ming Dynasty

20.Ming and Early Qing Thinkers:The Yangming School and Outstanding Progressive Scholars

21.Early Qing Fiction and Drama

22.Cao Xueqin and Dream of the Red Mansions

23.Traditional Chinese Painting

24.The Opium War and Changes in Cultural Trends After it

25.Causes of the Long Feudal Period

About the Author
Ding Wangdao, professor of the English School in Beijing Foreign Studies University since 1950, specializes in English writing, style teaching, and translating books on Chinese culture. With many influential works, including textbooks, translation works and academic books, he has received a special government allowance since 1992. He was director of BFSU Overseas Training Center, secretary-general of China English Teaching and Research Association and visiting professor in University of Washington and Moscow Foreign Language University.