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International Chinese Language Education 2016 (1)


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The academic journal International Chinese Language Education (Chinese-English) is supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, sponsored by Beijing Foreign Studies University, and jointly organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Office of Confucius Institutes in Beijing Foreign Studies University.  Its National Unified Publication Number is CN10-1385/H, and International Standard Serial Number is ISSN2096-3106. It's published quarterly in sextodecimo. This is the first issue of 2016.

This journal aims to build a communication platform for international Chinese language education and to enhance Chinese education and communication around the world by sticking to the right path and direction of a public periodical, covering the policy and circumstances of Chinese language education at home and abroad, presenting the outstanding achievements and experience in international Chinese language education and exploring as well as summarizing the scientific and efficient ways  to cultivate teachers' potentials and the policies to boost the language education.


1 Foreword / Zhao Jinming

3 Words from the Editor-in-Chief / Zhao Yang

Experts Forum: International Chinese Teacher Education

5 The Coordinator: Lu Jianming

6 What Kind of International Chinese Teachers Do We Need? / Cui Xiliang 10 Reflections on the Training Models of International Chinese Teachers / Chen Xi

13 The Current Situations, Problems and Trends in the Training of TCSOL Majors / Shi Jiawei

18 On the Fundamental Status of the Content Knowledge of Chinese Language / Zhao Yang

Teaching Research and Analysis

22 A Study on Teaching in Chunks from the Perspective of Formulaic Sequence / Jin Honggang

Training and Development of Teachers

37 The Role of International Chinese Teachers in the Teaching of Intercultural Communicative Competence / Zu Xiaomei

Disciplinary Development

44 A Research Report on the Intercultural Communication Courses of MTCSOL Nationwide / Zhang Chunyan Jing Gaowa

53 A Survey on the Development Needs of Undergraduate Majors of TCSOL—Based on the Case of East China Normal University (ECNU) / Jin Mengyun Wu Yongyi

Academic Frontier and Trends

68 A Visual Analysis of the Developing Trends of the Studies on Chinese as a Second Language Acquisition / Lu Shiyi

Overseas Chinese Language Teaching

79 Chinese Language Teaching in Dutch Higher Education / Ni Yueru

K-12 Chinese Language Teaching

87 The Power of Pattern Stories for Chinese Literacy / Helena Curtain Dali Tan

Book Review

103 An Indispensable Reference Book for International Chinese Teachers—Comments on The Fundamental Qualifications of Chinese Language Teachers by Prof. Lu Jianming and Ma Zhen / Zhang Lu

About the Author
Dr. Zhao Yang, professor and dean of TCSOL School in Peking University, earned his PhD in Cambridge University. He specializes in second language acquisition, generative grammar and sociolinguistics and has published more than 20 essays on journals such as Second Language Research, International Journal of Bilingualism and Chinese Teaching in the World.