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Approaches on Building up Language Sense



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Product Description

Approaches on Building up Language Sense introduces a new approach to teaching Chinese, which has been proven to be efficient through many years'practice in the Chinese School of Jinan University. This approach has three features. First, it combines conscious and subconscious development of language sense. It increases language input through linking different words that use the same characters and encourages immersive learning. Second, characters and words are the core of teaching. Exercises are designed based on the rules of the Chinese language, and include listening, speaking and reciting model sentences and paragraphs. Third, it focuses on communication while paying attention to analyzing sentence structures and encourages learners to improve Chinese in real situations using interactive tasks.

About the Author
Zhou Jian, a professor of the Chinese School in Jinan University, specializes in TCSOL, comparative research on Chinese and English and classical Chinese literature.