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The Fundamental Qualities of Chinese Language Teachers



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The Fundamental Qualities of Chinese Language Teachers includes the principles, knowledge, teaching skills, teaching mentality, research ability, basic linguistic theories and other concepts that are necessary for Chinese language teachers. In addition, the two authors refer to over 100 grammar cases based on their teaching experiences and offer relevant explanations. This is of high practical value because these cases are taken from practices. As famous Chinese language and teaching experts, the two authors can explain complicated theories in simple words with vivid examples. It is an essential CLT reference book and is worth being read by every Chinese teacher and student who wants to be a Chinese teacher.

About the Author
Lu Jianming, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing University, specializes in modern Chinese sentence structures, Chinese function words, TCSOL, Chinese information processing and teaching Chinese in middle schools. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of National Language Committee of China and has served as president of the International Association for the Chinese Language, president of the World Institute of Chinese Language Teaching and other associations. He is honored by the academic circle as one of the eight best scholars on modern Chinese grammar in the 20th century.Ma Zhen, professor of Beijing University, specializes in modern Chinese, especially function words. She has published 16 academic works written independently or cooperatively, including textbooks and dictionaries. She has published over 50 academic papers.