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Understanding Intercultural Misunderstandings Between Chinese and American Cultures: Applying the Performed-Culture Approach



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Product Description

Nowadays, foreign language teaching is not only to cultivate learners' language ability, but also to help them gain the ability of cross-cultural communication. Just under such a background, Galal Walker (Wu Weike), a professor at Ohio State University in the United States, has come up with the performed-culture approach based on the similarities between communicative behaviour and stage performance. This approach not only explains the reasons of misunderstanding of intercultural communication in a better way, but also points out the new development direction for the current foreign language teaching, especially the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.

This book has the following features:


a. With a large number of vivid and typical misunderstandings of Sino-American intercultural communication, this book analyzes the reasons of misunderstanding and reveals the influence of culture on communicative behaviours from the angle of "cultural story".


b. This book introduces a teaching method which can effectively cultivate foreign language learners' intercultural communicative competence. This method puts culture in the core position of teaching, takes culture-performance as the main form of learning, breaks the traditional language teaching mode, and makes the goal of cultivating learners' intercultural communicative competence more feasible.


c. This book provides the teaching cases of primary, intermediate and advanced Chinese classes, which are very helpful for readers to have a better understanding of the teaching contents and methods of the performed-culture approach.


About the Author
Qin Xizhen, Ph. D. in Chinese Language Pedagogy of Ohio State University, is an assistant professor of Chinese in the Department of World Languages at the University of South Florida. She learned and practiced the performed-culture approach under the guidance of Professor Galal Walker from 2004 to 2010, and served as instructor at the OSU Chinese Flagship Program to practice this teaching method. After graduating in 2010, she was recruited to the University of South Florida to teach Chinese language and culture courses and continued to practice the performed-culture approach. With quite a lot of research in the fields of Chinese pedagogy and intercultural communication, she has rich theoretical and practical experience in cultivating Chinese learners' intercultural communicative competence.