The Beginnings of Chinese Civilization (Bilingual)



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Anthology of archaeological and anthropological writing in English by Li Chi, the founding father of China's modern archaeology; Traces back the rise of Chinese civilization as well as the origin of its people following the steps of the pioneering researchers of this land; Briefs the rise of China's archaeology as a scientific subject owing to the confluence of the methods of fieldwork from the West and the traditional antiquarian studies.

About the Author
Li Chi (1896-1979), archaeologist,anthropologist, the father of Chinesearchaeology, PhD of Harvard University.Li Chi's leadership in the archaeologicalexcavations of Hsi-yin Ts'un, Anyanga n d C h ' e n g - t z u - y a i i n f l u e n c e s t h edevelopment of Chinese archaeology inthe latter part of the 20th century.