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Good Habbit Picture Book


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Product Description

Good stories,good pictures and good habbits.Every book tells a story about a healthy habit. There are some activities,games and stickers after every story to help children learn the healthy habit. 

The series include:

Good Habbit Picture Book: Love to Eat All Kinds of Food

Good Habbit Picture Book: Sleepy Insect

Good Habbit Picture Book: Take a Shower

Good Habbit Picture Book: Oh! Poo is Coming Out

Good Habbit Picture Book: Brush Your Teeth Again

About the Author
The Child Development Center of FLTRP gathers outstanding domestic and foreign experts, integrate professional early education recourses and advanced education concepts, provide entertaining curriculums, as well as professional knowledge, products and services covering all aspects of early education to children of ages 0-6 and young parents.