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The Ins and Outs of Chinese Words-Human Geography



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The Ins and Outs of Chinese Words-Human Geography is the first volume of Chinese Wisdom series. Chinese Wisdom Series is one of the fruits of the Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture-Translation and Communication Project initiated by the Ministry of Education. In the long and profound history of Chinese thought and culture, the key concepts or terms constitute an indispensable part, which are also where the essence and subtlety of Chinese thought and culture lies.

Chinese Wisdom Series is designed to let children learn about the key concepts in Chinese thought and culture from a young age, from which they can have a grasp of Chinese history and culture. The first series of Chinese Wisdom has three volumes. The three volumes contain over 40 key concepts in total that are chosen from the pool and are suitable for child to comprehend. Centered on key concepts, the books are categorized by subject to explain the underlying meaning of each term for child. Through vivid and interesting way of telling with abundant supporting materials, children can fully understand the Chinese history and culture behind those concepts.

The Ins and Outs of Chinese Words-Human Geography is the first volume of Chinese Wisdom series. The book collects fourteen geographical terms like “Nine Zhou (regions)”, “Tianxia” (all under heaven), “The Yellow River”, “The Great Wall”, “Fortress/City”, “Metropolis” and so on to introduce traditional Chinese view of geography and knowledge on human geography to children.

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