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Hello Booky—A Comprehensive Set of Early Education Products
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Product Description

For Chinese-speaking children aged from 1 to 6, also suitable for bilingual children who have one or more

Chinese-speaking family members. Providing parents with a systematic way of early education, also suitable for use in kindergartens. Five levels: for children of 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years, and 5-6 years. 12 packages per level, issued and delivered to users monthly, helping parents educate their children in a more sustainable way.

A monthly package includes:

• Interactive Book with pop-ups, flip-flaps and other interactive elements, with five columns focusing on

cognition, social development, etc.

• Storybook (supporting Talking Pen)

• Workbook (3-4/4-5/5-6 years)/Sticker book (2-3 years)/Toy book (1-2 years)

• Graded English Reader (2 years up; fictional; supports Talking Pen; animation and audio file available)

• DVD (including stories from the books and Orff Music educational contents)

• Toys (supporting one theme of the books)

• Parent’s Guide (giving parents helpful instructions on how to use the products)

Five major characters acting as children’s playmates and role models as they grow up

Promoting children’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional development, providing a good foundation for

their ultimate happiness

About the Author
To help children cultivate their minds to utmost capacity, FLTRP set up the Child Development Center, gathering outstanding domestic and foreign experts, integrating professional early education recourses and advanced education concepts, providing entertaining curriculums, as well as professional knowledge, products and services covering all aspects of early education to children of ages 0-6 and young parents.