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Lisheng Polaris Phonics Readers Level 1


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Product Description

The Lisheng Polaris Phonics Readers is edited by American phonics expert, Wiley Blevins, the author of the best-selling book Phonics from A to Z, and was created by the authors and illustrators of the Oxford Reading Tree. Each book contains 1-2 core phonics points.The story is lively and interesting, and the topics are related to students’ life. The aim is to let the children learn phonics rules step by step in the process of listening and reading, master the English pronunciation rules, and finally form an independent reading ability. The series is divided into 6 levels, each containing 12 readers and 1 set of spelling cards, suitable for children in preschool and elementary school. All books have audios and can be listened to by scanning a code and can also be read by an e-pen.

About the Author
Jane Langford,famous British author of the Oxford Reading Tree