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Key Concepts in Dunhuang Culture


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This volume, presented in a bilingual format, interprets and clarifies the quintessential concepts of Dunhuang Culture. The terms are organized into six broad categories, namely, cave architecture, murals and sculptures, music and dance, designs and motifs, literature and documents, and religions. Reflecting classic cultural concepts related to Dunhuang and encapsulating its core spirit and connotations, this volume provides a key for both Chinese and overseas readers to unlock the mysteries of Dunhuang Culture and the Silk Road.

About the Author
The vice president of Lanzhou City University, a doctoral supervisor in Northwest Normal University, and a professor focusing on translation studies and English language pedagogy. From 2007–2011, she served as a member of the National English Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education. She is also a member of the Academic Branch of the China National Committee For Translation and Interpreting Education, a member of the Expert Committee of CATTI (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters), a member of the Advisory Board of China National Committee for BTI Education and a council member of the Translators Association of China, as well as the chairman of the Translators Association of Gansu Province from 2010–2018. Prof. Jiang has presided over 20 academic projects and published over 50 academic papers. Her publications also include 10 volumes of translation studies, translated books, textbooks, and reference books.