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Key Concepts in Chinese Culture


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Key Concepts in Chinese Culture selected 300 items from the Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture series, which constitute the essence of traditional Chinese culture and represent the core values of China. To present these concepts to contemporary readers, FLTRP has invited distinguished Chinese and international scholars in the fields of philosophy, history, literature, art, and translation to form an editorial board. They have selected 100 such concepts or terms, explained their main content in concise language, plus 1-2 relevant citations in classical Chinese with translations in contemporary Chinese, and translated them (including the citations) into English.

About the Author
The editorial board of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture includes Prof. Yuan Jixi, and other people. Prof. Yuan Jixi is Professor at School of Chinese Classics, Renmin University of China, member of Academic Committee of Confucian Studies Institute, Visiting Professor of Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education Study Center, Peking University, Distinguished Professor at Southwest University. Prof. Wang Bo is Dean and Professor at Peking University, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Dean of Confucian Studies Institute and Taoist Studies Center of Peking University. Prof. Nie Changshun is Professor of Chinese Traditional Culture Research Center of Wuhan University, Head of Japan Studies Center Academic Planning Department, Wuhan University.