New Economic Engine—Effective Government and Efficient Market


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There are at least three main highlights in New Economic Engine:

Effective Government and Efficient Market:breaking through the limitations of the mainstream

Western economics system and the market theory framework;correctly explaining the successful experience of China’s Reform and Opening Up over the past 40 years from an economic perspective;developing a new economics system and market theory with China providing extensive materials for its development.

About the Author
Chen Yunxian, PhD in economics from Peking University,senior economist, holder of Special Expert Certificate issued by the State Council of China, and founder of Guangfa Securities Co. Ltd. Guest Professor,researcher and PhD supervisor in Harvard University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Peking University and Sun Yat-sen University,etc. Main works included ForesightedLeading: Theoretical Thinking and Practice of China’s Regional Economic Development,Government Foresighted Leading: Theory andPractice of the World’s Regional Economic Development,Mezzoeconomics, Regional Government Competition,etc.