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"Teaching with Ms. Gan: A Guide and Resource Book for Chinese Language Teachers"


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Product Description

 The first part of the book provides 

41 interesting and practical teaching activities around the key and difficult language 

elements such as pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar.To help teachers 

build class culture and classroom rules, the second part introduces 20 class culture 

construction and class management skills that suitable for Chinese classes in primary 

and middle schools. At the same time, it also provides a complete set of classroom 

teaching aids template. Teachers can scan the QR code of the back cover for free 

download and use, which will greatly saves the preparation time. By reading this book, 

teachers can make their teaching more in line with the cognitive rules and learning 

characteristics of primary and middle school students, so that students fall in love with 

Chinese lessons in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

About the Author
Gan Tingting, Master of TESOL from the University of Bristol, UK, has participated in training programs such as Future of Learning, Project Zero Classroom, Family Engagement in Education at Harvard University, and Montessori Teaching Training in Hawaii, and has worked for Singapore Education Group and the British International School Shanghai. She is currently a Chinese teacher in a public elementary school in Arizona, USA. Ms. Gan has taught students at all levels of K-12. She has rich experience in Chinese language teaching in primary and secondary schools, and is good at stimulating students’ learning motivation through effective methods.