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Learning in China · Practice Course (A)


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The series of Learning in China consists of five books, edited primarily by Liu Tao, vice-dean of the International School of Chinese Studies of Northeast Normal University. It is chiefly designed for foreign students without Chinese learning experience who will receive preparatory education in China, as well as those language learners who are seeking an efficient way of learning Chinese to pass HSK (IV) as quickly as possible. Learning in China · Basic Course and Learning in China · Practical Course are suitable for comprehensive Chinese education. Learning in China. Vocabulary can be used as a specific textbook for vocabulary learning, or as a companion text for comprehensive Chinese courses.

About the Author
Jin Xiaoyan, Professor, PhD Supervisor, and she was Dean of the School of Chinese Study of Northeast Normal University, member of the National MTCSOL(Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)Education Steering Committee, as well as Executive Deputy Director of Hanban “International Chinese Teacher Training Base of Northeast Normal University” and “Chinese Language and Culture Education Base in Northeast Normal University” of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Her research fields include international education of Chinese language, modern Chinese grammar and text linguistics.Liu Tao is the deputy dean of the School of Chinese Study of Northeast Normal University and member of the National Preparatory Education and Teaching Steering Committee. His research interests include preparatory education and international education of Chinese language. He was an overseas Chinese teacher in the School of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and has been in charge of preparatory courses for foreign students for many years. He has extensive front-line teaching and management experience.