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I Love Chinese — Thai Primary School Chinese Textbook Series Volume 2


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Product Description

I Love Chinese—Thai Primary School Chinese Textbook Series are divided into six volumes, applicable to primary school students from grade 1 to grade 6. Each volume can meet the teaching needs of one school year (about 80 class hours). After 6 academic years of study, students can master about 1000 Chinese words and use Chinese for basic daily expressions and discussions on general topics.Each book contains 12 lessons, with a chapter of review and cultural experience after every 3 lessons. In addition, each textbook also includes classroom expressions as pre-class knowledge and word lists at the end of the book, convenient for students to look up to and master new words and expressions at any time.

About the Author
Xie Zhenfa, Director of the Chinese Department of the School of Humanities of Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand, has participated in the Chinese to Thai translation and review of many Chinese textbooks in Thailand. He also worked on the training for Chinese teachers and volunteers in Thailand. He is very familiar with Chinese language teaching in Thailand and learning rules and characteristics of Thai pupils.