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Reading China: What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower (3B)



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Product Description

Reading China series is designed for Chinese

learners at different levels. It can be used both as

extracurricular reading materials and as graded

Chinese reading textbooks. The whole set is

divided into five levels with each level subdivided

into volume A and B. The texts are written to suit

the readers’ language levels, providing suitable

challenges while remaining understandable. Though

short, they are pragmatic and cover a large range of

interesting topics written in diverse styles. Each book

has a CD so that readers can appreciate genuine

Chinese both by reading and listening and improve

their proficiency effectively. Readers could learn a

text by reading, analyzing and doing exercises. The

Lead-in aims to provoke reflection; the Side Notes,

Illustrations, Language Points and Cultural Tips can

remove understanding obstacles for learners, while

the Exercises deepen their understanding of the

essays. In short, we are committed to providing

a relaxing, interesting and efficient way to learn


About the Author
Zhu Yong, the Chief Editor, is an Associate Professor at the School of Chinese Language and Literature, BeijingForeign Studies University. He graduated from the School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University (Bachelor degree),the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University (Master’s degree), and the Department of Literature,Kansai University, Japan (Doctor’s degree). He was a guest lecturer at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan,and the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome, Italy, and visited the University of Iowafor one year. His main achievements lie in teacher development and case studies, reading and text grading studies,and intercultural communication, etc.