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"Mysterious Chinese terminology of Poetry and Art"
"“看不懂”的中国词——诗词文艺篇 "


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Product Description

“Mysterious" Chinese terminology of Poetry and  Art is the second book in the series of Chinese Wisdom. Chinese Wisdom is a series of original children's picture books, consisting of three volumes. It is one of the achievements of  popularizing “Chinese Ideological and Cultural Terminology Dissemination Project”, aiming at children aged 5-10. 

“Mysterious" Chinese terminology of Poetry and Folk Art  collects dozens of terminologies as representatives of Chinese poetry culture, such as “poem”, “style”, “Chuci”, “voice of the high Tang Dynasty”, “images” and so on, which can be easily understood by children. Based on extensive and abundant materials, the book demonstrates the culture behind Chinese poetry in a simple and interesting way. Children can feel the charm of poetry and understand Chinese culture and wisdom behind the terminology via reading.

About the Author
Zhang ZiyaoAs a PhD candidate of Ancient Literature, He studies in School of Chinese Classics of Renmin University of China, majoring in literary theory of Wei and Jin Dynasties.