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Who Can Tell



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Product Description

Who can tell? is a series of interesting popular science picture books that is suitable for young readers. There are six books in this series, including "cheetahs and leopards", "sea lions and seals", "lesser pandas and raccoons", "African elephants and Asian elephants", "butterflies and moths", and "ostriches and emus”. These animals interest children most but are difficult for children to distinguish. By presenting funny pictures and humorous dialogues in way of comparison, we introduce two kinds of animals which can be easily confused. This series can cultivate children's ability of observing, the habit of comparing and analyzing similar things, inquiring mind towards the world and the love of nature and life.

About the Author
"Leng LinweiExecutive Editor-in-Chief of OCTOBER the Children’s Literature .Graduated from Beijing Normal University, majoring in ancient literature, she has been engaged in children's publishing for more than ten years, and served as executive editor of many national children's magazines. The book Grasshopper in the Moonlight under her edition won the National Excellent Children's Literature Award. Her major works include You Can't Go to the Garage to See A Doctor, Wonderful Encounter with Nature series, Who Can Tell? series and so on."