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Children Are Like This”-Gender Equality Picture Books


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Product Description

There are five volumes of "Children Are Like This”-Gender Equality Picture Books, including Prince with Rabbit's Ears, Cluck and Chirp, General Ah Chou, Castle and The Girl Jasmine. Starting with the prominent gender issue of "eliminating stereotypes", this book uses vivid and amusing words to help children recognize their gender physiologically and psychologically, understand and embrace the concept of gender equality.

Gender equality covers a broader content today. It does not tell children directly what gender equality is, but influences children in a subtle way: building an environment of gender respect and tolerance, and showing adults' respect for gender role and their choice in daily life, games and educational activities. The book helps children to establish gender identity and respect, and gradually form consistent gender identity awareness and behavior.

About the Author
"Writer of this series: Ya Dong, a well-known writer of children’s picture books and Xinyi Picture Book Award winner. His works: best-selling children's picture books: Running Town and Sleeping Town."