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Leo and Lea: Bilingual Picture Book of Great Artist
Leo and Lea:大艺术家双语绘本


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Product Description

There are twelve volumes of Leo and Lea: Bilingual Picture Book of Great Artist, which consists of  five core concept : "Meet Arts", "Explore Arts", "Express Arts" and "Enrich Arts". It uses twelve great artists' representative style as creative elements and the grow-up story of Leo and Lea as carrier, which is suitable for the psychological features of children aged 3-8. It tells stories in both Chinese and English and tries to enlighten children imperceptibly in the aspect of arts and language. There is arts class at the end of each volume, which leads children to create pictures and sculptures in the style of great artists. In addition, this book is supplemented with English audio file and click-on function.

About the Author
The chief editor of this series of picture books is Ms. Kuang Juan, a Chinese-Canadian, who has high artistic accomplishment and influence. She is the author of art appreciation column of Seven Days, an influential Chinese newspaper in Montreal, an art educator, an art appreciation promoter, an advocate of museum guidance, and the founder of 5E education group.