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Key Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese-English Edition)



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Product Description

This book covers the very basic terms related to essence, qi, yin-yang theory,

five elements and visceral manifestation in traditional Chinese medicine,

providing simplified Chinese characters, Mandarin pronunciation in pinyin,

definitions, citations as well as translation notes of 111 key concepts in

traditional Chinese medicine and culture.

A variety of English translations in different historical periods of each term or

concept are offered in this book, which helps readers to become aware of the

translation history of traditional Chinese medicine.

Readers who are familiar with or keen on traditional Chinese medicine can

take this book as a helpful reference to understand the fundamental terms of

traditional Chinese medicine and culture in both Chinese and English.

About the Author
Li Zhaoguo: Dean and Professor of Foreign Languages College of Shanghai NormalUniversity, Director of the Translation Committee of World Federation of ChineseMedicine Societies, member of Expert Committee of the “Communication Project ofKey Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture” of Ministry of Education of China.Wu Qing: Professor and supervisor postgraduate of the English Department atBeijing University of Chinese Medicine, the academic leader of English subject for the purpose of traditionalChinese medicine.Xing Yurui: Professor of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, doctoral supervisor, discipline leader in basic theoryof traditional Chinese medicine at the level of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and at thelevel of Shaanxi Province.