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Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture (Chinese-English Edition)



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Product Description

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture are concepts and keywords or

phrases Chinese people have created or come to use that are fundamentally

pertinent to Chinese philosophy, humanistic spirit, way of thinking and

values. This series has 9 volumes in total and 7 of them have been published.

Each volume includes 100 key entries selected and explained by over 80

distinguished scholars from China and the West. This series is a promotion of

genuine literacy on Chinese philosophy, history, literature, art, and translation

within the western academia. All entries are interpreted in both Chinese

and English, and furnished with citations for easier understanding of their

meanings and usages in Chinese history. For people of other countries, these key concepts open the door to the

spiritual world of contemporary China and the Chinese people, including those living overseas.

About the Author
The Editorial Board of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture includes Prof. Yuan Jixi, Prof. Wang Bo, Prof.Nie Changshun, Prof. Huang Youyi, etc. Prof. Yuan Jixi is the Professor at School of Chinese Classics and member ofAcademic Committee of Confucian Studies Institute of Renmin University of China, and Visiting Professor of Aestheticsand Aesthetic Education Study Center of Peking University. Prof. Wang Bo is the Vice President and Professor ofPeking University, and Dean of the Confucian Studies Institute and Taoist Studies Center of Peking University. Prof. NieChangshun is the Professor of Chinese Traditional Culture Research Center of Wuhan University, and Head of JapanStudies Center Academic Planning Department of Wuhan University. Prof. Huang Youyi, the former Vice-Chairman ofFIT and Director and Editor-in-Chief of CIPG, now is the Vice-President of TAC and Director of Expert Comittee of CATTI.