Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography (English-Chinese Edition)



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Symposium on Chinese Historical Geography, written by Hou Renzhi,

contains his representative works on urban historical geography, desert

historical geography and researches on history of ancient Chinese

geography. It also includes several articles about his learning experiences,

by which readers can explore his thoughts and spiritual world. The

academic works of Hou Renzhi are not only blended with social reality of

China, but also keep up with international academic frontiers. This book

highlights the dual identity of Hou Renzhi: a researcher and messenger

of cultural communication.

About the Author
Hou Renzhi (1911-2013) was an important intellectual who contributed alot to the birth of modern historical geography in China in the first half ofthe 20th century and shaped the trend of its development in the followingdecades. Though trained as a historian in his early years, Hou devoted mostof his time to geographical research and produced many works on urbangeography, desert geography, etc. which made him elected academician ofChinese Academy of Sciences in 1980. His geographical research on Beijingmarked the peak of his academic achievements.