Literati Gardens: Poetic Sentiment & Picturesque Allure (Chinese-English Edition)



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Product Description

This is a collection of scholarly writings by Chen Congzhou, one of the

most preeminent scholars in the field of garden history. It provides a

fascinating look into various aspects of traditional Chinese garden design

and culture and represents a serious, in-depth work of research into the

gardens’ form and content, the discrete biography of their creators and

the individual characteristics that make up the rich history of garden

design through time. It provides both the garden enthusiasts and

specialists with an accessible introduction to the essentials of traditional

Chinese garden design and historic landscape restoration, as well as a

scholarly view of this great tradition.

About the Author
Chen Congzhou (1918-2000), born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a TongjiUniversity professor of architecture, the leading Chinese garden historianof his generation, as well as a practicing landscape architect who playeda vital role in conservation of classical Chinese gardens. A five-installmentmonograph, “On Gardens”, established him as the father of Chinese gardensof 20th-century China.