Selling Water to the River —H. K. Chang Speaks (Chinese-English Edition)
江边卖水 ——张信刚演讲集(汉英对照)



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Product Description

This book selects 25 speeches delivered in English by Professor Chang.

These speeches mainly focus on the three aspects of cultural issues,

education as well as growth and development, which are usually general

and vague issues but interesting and easy-to-understand in Chang’s

speeches. In the speeches, he talks about the world that Admiral Zheng

He (Ming dynasty) discovered in the 15th century; he compares tea

with coffee; he shows his concerns about technology and creative

talents in education; he expresses his attitude towards learning and his

expectations for the graduates in his congregation speeches at City

University of Hong Kong.

About the Author
H. K. Chang, an internationally renowned scholar in biomedical engineering,had taught in several well-known universities in the U.S., Canada and Francefor over twenty years prior to becoming Founding Dean of School ofEngineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology andDean of School of Engineering at University of Pittsburgh. He was appointedPresident of City University of Hong Kong in 1996 and retired in 2007. Hewas honored with Foreign Associate of Royal Academy of Engineering,Academician of International Academy of Eurasia Sciences.