A Collection of Pan Guangdan’s English Essays (English Edition)



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Product Description

This book is a collection of Pan Guangdan’s English essays, which

are mainly about the problems of social improvement in China with

extremely proactive perspectives. From the perspective of modern

sociology, the work also discusses problems which the Confucianism

has always paid attention to but not solved, such as goodness, equality,

environment, and heredity, which still has significance today. Essays

selected in this book that best reflect Mr. Pan Guangdan’s main

academic views and social insights, can serve as an important academic

achievement to inspire future generations.

About the Author
Pan Guangdan was one of the most distinguished sociologists andeugenicists of China. Educated at Tsinghua University on a Boxer IndemnityScholarship, Dartmouth College and Columbia University, he was also arenowned expert on education. His wide research scope included eugenics,education policy, matrimony policy, familial problems, prostitute policy, andintellectual distributions. His works include Socio-biological Implications ofConfucianism and others.