An English Outline of Chinese Intellectual History (English Edition)



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Product Description

This book is the syllabus of Hu Shih’s teaching of the History of Chinese

Thought from 1944 to 1945 at Harvard University in the United States,

and is transcribed from Hu Shih’s handwritten manuscript—1554 small

pieces of papers. This book focuses on Hu Shih’s in-depth study and

interpretation of Chinese intellectual history and philosophy, etc. It also

summarizes the development of the long and complicated Chinese

intellectual history over the past 3,000 years into a succinct and clear

outline. This is the first time for this handwritten manuscript to be

transcribed, collated and published, making it a unique and valuable

historical document.

About the Author
Hu Shih (1891‒1962), Chinese philosopher, essayist and diplomat. Hu iswidely recognized today as a key contributor to Chinese liberalism andlanguage reform in his advocacy for the use of written vernacular Chinese.He was influential in the May Fourth Movement, one of the leaders ofChina’s New Culture Movement, and former President of Peking University.He had a wide range of interests such as literature, history, textual criticism,and pedagogy.