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Light Up Science



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Product Description

Light Up Science is a six-level science program for ELL primary students written by renowned science educators from UK. It integrates science learning and English language learning, and guides students towards becoming global citizens who will be able to communicate science ideas in English, and become interested and skilled in STEM practice. Each level is composed of two packages, A is for the first semester, and B for the second semester. Each package includes: a Student’s Book (e-pen edition) with a CD-ROM e-book, a Workbook,a materials kit, and a website providing a variety of teaching resources . 

About the Author
"Philip Adey is a professor at King’s college London. He has been engaged in the research on students’ cognitive development, and developed Cognitive Acceleration (CA) as an approach to teaching designed to develop students' thinking ability. He also developed many course materials using CA approach.Bob Kibble is a senior Lecturer in Science Education at the University of Edinburgh. He was elected Chair of the Association for Science Education of UK in 2006, Chair of the Association for Science Education of Scotland in 2004 and 2008. He has more than 22 years of teaching experience, and more than 20 years of teacher training experience."