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Chinese Plants Affecting the World


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Product Description

This book is an original hardcover album on the theme of Chinese plants. The material of it comes from the documentary of the same title Chinese Plants Affecting the World, which was broadcasted at Beijing World Horticultural Exposition. Being commissioned by Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Coordination Bureau, CCTV Li Chengcai Documentary Studio (Beijing Muzi Composite Film and TV Cultural Media Co., Ltd.) produced the documentary, which presents the magnificence and magic of the plant world from the perspectives of life, science, aesthetics, civilization and philosophy.

Chinese Plants Affecting the World is a fixed-frame art collection of wonderful pictures that is different from video. The album is mainly composed of pictures, supplemented by text introduction. It contains some representative flowers, fruits, crops, garden plants and herbal plants originated in China. The pictures displayed include a large number of precious aerial photographs and laboratory delayed photographs. To take these pictures, the camera crew had overcome many difficulties in the process. Stories of human and art presented by these pictures, allow readers to feel the power of plants, as well as the impact of plants on civilization and social development.

The book outlines the diversity of plant distribution in China at present time, and briefly introduces three typical habitats in the Tropic of Cancer, Hengduan Mountains and arid areas of Northwest China. Stories of more than twenty kinds of plants such as Metasequoia, Davidia involucrata, Ginkgo biloba, Tea Tree, Mulberry, Soybean, Millet, Rice, Velvet Artemisia annua, Artemisia annua, Tahuang, Dendrobium, Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Rose, Rhododendron, Bamboo, Apple, walnut, orange and kiwifruit are presented in this book.

About the Author
The Creation Team of Chinese Plants Affecting the World: CCTV Li Chengcai Documentary Studio (Beijing Muzi Composite Film and Television Cultural Media Co., Ltd.) is the planning and producing organization of Chinese Plants Affecting the World. The creators in chief are made of core members of many influential documentaries, such as The Rise of Great Powers, Wall Street, Currency, and Road to Innovation.Li Chengcai, the founder of CCTV Li Chengcai Documentary Studio, a director of China Documentary Association and a part-time professor of Tsinghua University, Beijing Polytechnic University, Pattern Business School and Drucker College, has won the International Documentary Award, Chinese Government Award and China Financial Enlightenment Outstanding Contribution Award. His representative documentary works are : Road to Innovation, Currency, Wall Street, Rise of Great Powers, Water Question, Twenty Years and Twenty People.