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I'm the Scariest Monster



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Product Description

Who is the scariest monster? Is it the Medusa who can turn you into stone just by a look at you, or the Chupa Cabra who sucks human blood with a straw in its mouth? Is it the Boogaboo who has no body but a head, or the Minotaur who has infinite power? Where is the scariest monster? Is it hiding under the bed or behind the door? Or is it coming up the garden path and soon it’ll be inside? This small book titled I’m the Scariest Monster is for kids who are curious and scared of monsters. The various monsters in the book can satisfy their curiosity. The unexpected ending of the story can cure their fear and make them brave.

About the Author
Zhang Ying, the mother of two mixed-race babies, has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher for youths. She hopes to help young readers improve their aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishment through her picture books.Simon Golding, the father of two mixed-race babies, has a bachelor of arts degree and a master of psychology degree. He has been engaged in educational consultation and children's education successively. He is a genuine China expert and hopes to help young readers know themselves and integrate into the world through his stories.